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We offer many different ways for you to enjoy clean, safe air inside your home. Installing an ultraviolet light helps to keep your air and duct system clean. It is recommended using at least a MERV 13 filter as a minimum to help protect against covid-19. The CDC recommends that your home humidity stays between 30-50%. Higher humidity is best for comfort. Contact us for more information.

What Are The Benefits Of Humidifiers?

  • Protects Against Dry Skin
  • Helps Prevent Allergens & Asthma Triggers
  • Reduces Cold & Flu Symptoms
  • Minimizes Bacteria & Virus Formations
  • Preserves Wood Floors, Cabinets And Other Furnishings
  • Reduces The Amount Of Static Electricity
  • Creates A Comfortable Living Environment

Aprilaire pioneered the first whole home humidifier back in 1954 and has ben working tirelessly to improve their technology. Because of this, they can offer a superior solutions to improve the overall health of your home’s air quality, while lowering energy costs. Are you looking for ways to improve the air quality in your home? If you are, call us!

Another option for your home is a PREMIERone PureFlo™ Air Cleaner. These are a polarized media air cleaner, designed to replace cheaper and less effective filter. These units utilize a small 24 volt transformer that operates on only 1 watt of power.

Polarized Media Air Cleaner Benefits:

  • Affordable
  • Superior Filtration
  • Easy Installation
  • Traps Germs, Bacteria, Viruses & Allergens better than Merv 11 Filters
  • Filters Particles Down To .01 Microns
  • Litetime Warranty On Electronics
  •  Easy To Maintain, Simply Replace Fiberglass Filter Pads As Needed

Improving the quality of the air in your home is more important now than ever. Contact us for me details.

What Benefits Does iWAVE Have?

  • Kills Pathogens Downstream
  • Controls Odors
  • Reduces Airborne Particles
  • No Harmful Byproducts
  • Solid State Design
  • Self Cleaning Options
  • No Mercury In The Airstream
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Requires Less Than 10 Watts Of Energy
  • No UV Material Breakdown
  • Cleans Entire Depth of Coil
  • Continuous Peak Performance
  • Does Not Contain Titanium Dioxide
  • No Replacement Parts Needed
  • Most Models Require No On Going Maintenance

iWAVE’s advanced technology not only provides the most effective air purification method, but most models require no ongoing maintenance. Call for details!

3rd Party Lab Testing Shows:

SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)

Time in the chamber: 30 minutes
Rate of Reduction: 99.4%

This test was run using the iWAVE-C Air Purifier P/N 4900-10 in a test designed to mimic ionization conditions like that of a commercial aircraft fuselage.

Based on viral titrations, it was determined that at 10 minutes, 84.2% of the virus was inactivated. At 15 minutes, 92.6% of the virus was inactive, and at 30 minutes, 99.4% of the virus was inactivated

Human Coronavirus 229E

Time in the chamber: 60 minutes
Rate of Reduction: 90%

This test was run in a test chamber in a lab setting with the Nu-Calgon iWAVE-R Air Purifier P/N 4900-20.

A petri dish containing a pathogen is placed underneath a laboratory hood, the monitored to asses the pathogen’s reactivity to Needle Piont Bi-polar Ionization (NPBI) over time. This controlled environment allows for comparison across different types of pathogens.


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